Saturday, 18 July 2009

Things About Me

Current Job

I have just finished my PhD degree from the School of Chemistry, The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. The focus of my research is computing the Spectroscopy of core electrons. This research is motivated by the application of the X-ray spectroscopy, in particularly the availability of the new light sources with increased resolution and intensity. We used accurate quantum chemical method, TDDFT and CIS(D), to study core excitations of small organic molecules on the surfaces.

I have been supported by the large cluster of supercomputer to simulate and compute all of the chemical properties of chemical systems.


I have lately been interested on the computational chemistry, i.e. using computer (supercompuer) aids to exaggerate chemical phenomenon.

I used to involved in macromolecular science’s researches such as polymerization and its stuff.

Selected Publications

Asmuruf & Besley, Surface Science, 603 (2009) 158.

Asmuruf & Besley, Journal of Chemical Physics, 129 (2008) 064705.

Asmuruf & Besley, Chemical Physics Letter, 463 (2008) 267.

Besley & Asmuruf, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys, 12 (2010) 12024.

Slides for presentation

1. Spectroscopy of Molecules on Surfaces

2. Ethylene on Transition Metal Surfaces

3. Bonding in Adsorbed CO/N2-Metals

4. Modelling Infrared Spectroscopy of CNTs

5. Modelling NEXAFS spectroscopy of Molecules on Semiconductor and Metallic Surfaces

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Chemistry is ,in principle, about change of movement and energy.

Abstract of My Phd Thesis